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Chaos disease:

The infection first began after Discord corrupted Twilight’s friends.

He did this to troll with them.

However, what he didn’t expect is that it would cause a disease that even he himself can’t control!

Anyway, after Twilight and her friends got infected, they started to spread the disease.

Princess Celestia managed to contain them, but unfortunately, the disease is already beginning to spread.

Princess Celestia herself also got infected by coming in contact with Twilight and her friends and decided to contain herself.

Princess Luna has now taken it upon herself to find the cure to this infection.

She at first, tries to use the elements of harmony, but it seems that Twilight and her friends being infected has rendered them useless.

She then tries the memory spell, but it seems to only slow the infection down, temporarily.

She then started having Nurse Redheart study the infection, and she discovered how it sperads.

The disease spreads by coming in contact with the discorded pony, here are the symptoms and stages.

Stage 1:

The infected pony’s fur color will turn dull, and they’ll turn into the opposite of their personality, They also may show confusion. They will also have seizures and fatigue. They may also start having headaches, and finally, they will show signs of aggression.

Stage 2: The infected pony will start to have the urge to spread chaos. They may do things like vandalism, mess with the weather, etc. At this stage, they will do anything to spread chaos and become reckless.

Stage 3: The infetcted pony's appearance will begin to change, such as their body may get bigger or horns will grow on their head. In other words, they will start to change into a more chaotic appearance at this stage.

Stage 4: The infected pony may start gaining other worldy powers, and use them to cause havoc! They are also very aggressive at this stage and will attack any pony that's not infected with the disease.

Stage 5: This is the final stage of the infection. The pony is now a shell of their former selves, and they don't even look like a pony anymore. This is the darkest stage because when they reach this stage they will turn themselves into a statue. They will then wait for an unsuspecting pony to arrive, and then the statue will burst destroying themselves along with it. They do this because once the statue breaks chaotic energy will transfer into the unsuspected pony infecting them.

After, discovering the terrible symptoms and stages she informs Princess Luna, and then Princess Luna orders her to check on the contained infected.

Nurse Redheart nods, and she checks in on the infected through the containment's glass.

Twilight Sparkle:
Status: Stage 1
Analysis: The subject is in stage 1 of the infection. Thier fur color has turned dull and she's now the complete opposite of her personality. She mainly wants to be alone and sees friendship as pointless now. She's also starting to have headaches.

Pinkie Pie:
Status: Stage 2
Analysis: The subject is in stage 2 of the infection, she is starting to cause chaos by breaking the fourth wall, and it's best not to question it.

Status: Stage 1
Analysis: The subject is in stage 1 of the infection, she is mainly greddy and is showing some signs of aggression.

Status: Stage 1
Analysis: The subject is in stage 1 of the infection, she is a liar and is starting to have seizures.

Status: Stage 1
Analysis: The subject is in stage 1 of the infection, she is cruel and very aggressive.

Rainbow Dash:
Status: Stage 1
Analysis: The subject is in stage 1 of the infection, she is being disloyal and is starting to get fatigue.

Princess Celestia:
Status: Entering Stage 3
Analysis: The subject is starting to enter stage 3 of the infection, and their body is starting to contort. The infection seems to go through the stages faster in alicorns, perhaps because alicorns are one of the most powerful beings with magic.

After, checking in on the infected, Nurse Redheart lets Princess Luna know how they're doing.

Princess Luna starts sobbing knowing that her sister doesn't have much time left, but knows that she can't hug her.

Princess Luna then tells Nurse Redheart to go and get as many ponies to safety.

Nurse Redheart nods, as she goes to do just that.

Meanwhile, Princess Luna has somepony else watch over the infected as she leaves to go find Discord.

End of Part 1!

My own take on an mlp infection au - Chapter 1 - Nightmaredragon12 (2024)


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Anna Dobbie of Den of Geek said that Twilight's reserved demeanour implies that she has Avoidant Personality Disorder and obsessive–compulsive disorder. Supervising director Jayson Thiessen stated Twilight is "kind of a neurotic perfectionist ... [with] a touch of OCD".

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