Random Dice guide: tips, tricks, and cheats (2024)

Random Diceis a creative twist on the tower defence genre that sees you creating dice towers with unique abilities in order to hold back a tide of tricky enemies. However, your ultimate goal isn’t simply to survive – you must outlive a PvP opponent.

This competitive mode, which you can choose to play with a friend or random opponent, will likely demand most of your attention. That said, there’s also a co-op mode where you’ll work together with another player to survive as many rounds as possible, as well as a solo mode that remains in the works.

There’s a lot to consider when trying to work your way up the ranks in Random Dice, both within and outside of matches. You need to put time into creating a solid, adaptable deck, and when in the midst of a match, you’ll be faced with a number of tactical decisions to make. So, we’ve put together this hereRandom Dice guideto help you become the champion you were born to be. The first step in this quest is to download the gameonmobile.

Here’s everything in our Random dice guide:

  • Building your deck
  • Managing your SP
  • Upgrading your dice
  • Combining your dice
  • Events, quests, and building a crew
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Let’s break down how to become an expert Random Dice player:

Building your deck

Winning matches in Random Dice is easier said than done, as the game can be a surprisingly tactical experience, especially when it comes to building your deck. Each dice, of which there are dozens, boasts its own unique look, stats, and powerful effects. Some deal small amounts of damage but are quick to fire, while others are incredibly powerful but shoot haphazardly. There are also attack and defensive dice to select from.

This means that you need to build a balanced deck that is capable of going long rounds and tackling multiple enemy types. Thankfully, the game starts you off with a pretty solid collection that can carry you relatively far, provided you invest in it. Still, you should seek out some of the more interesting dice in order to keep things exciting.

As your collection of dice continues to grow, you’ll likely want to create several decks that are suited to specific modes. Thankfully, Random Dice gives you five individual deck loadouts to customise to your heart’s content. These can be found in the ‘Inventory’ section of the main menu.

This is also where you can view your entire collection, work out which dice you’ve yet to unlock, and purchase permanent upgrades for your favourite dice. The currency you’ll need to upgrade your dice can be earned by unlocking chests, completing event quests, and logging in daily.

New dice can be earned by playing in the co-op mode. And if you’re struggling to progress through standard play, you’ll find plenty of handy items available for purchase within the in-game store.

Managing your SP

When you’re in a match, you need to tap the dice button near the bottom of your screen to summon a dice onto the board. Be mindful that doing so will cause your total SP to decrease, and your success hinges on careful monitoring and use of this limited pool.

Your first few purchases will be cheap, but you’ll eventually be asked to shell out hundreds of SP at a time to summon a single dice. Basically, think of your SP as an energy meter that you can refill by taking down enemies. Your current SP total can be seen near the bottom-left of the screen.

For the first 20 or so seconds of each match, it’s strongly recommended that you put all of your SP into summoning as many attack dice as possible onto the board. Once you’ve started to fill out your board, it’s time to think about deploying defensive dice and eventually upgrading your hand.

Upgrading your dice

There are two key ways to upgrade your dice when in the heat of battle. Note that in-match upgrades are not permanent and will disappear after the end of the round.

First off, standard upgrades allow you to bolster the usefulness of your dice. This is best done once you’ve got a relatively high number of a specific dice type. You can easily tell which dice you should upgrade first thanks to the number situated at the top-right of their respective upgrade box. The higher the number, the more you’ll benefit from the upgrade.

As mentioned earlier, purchasing in-match upgrades costs an increasingly large number of SP, meaning you need to choose your upgrades wisely.

Combining your dice

The second way to improve the dice you’ve summoned to the board is to combine them. You can do so by dragging and dropping two of the same dice – each of which must also display the same number – on top of one another. This method doesn’t require you to spend SP directly, but you’ll obviously have to get lucky with your summons in order to draw duplicates.

Combining dice creates a more powerful variant and frees up some space on the board. During longer rounds, you’ll almost inevitably draw a decent number of duplicates, so it’s just a case of spotting when you’ve got two of the same dice and quickly combining them.

However, there is one major point to consider when combining your dice – doing so boosts their level but changes their type. This adds a sizeable element of risk to combining your duplicates, as you never know what you might get out of it. If you find that your current lineup is working well for you, it’s sometimes best to avoid any disasters by keeping a hold of your duplicates.

Events, quests, and building a crew

Random Dice holds regular in-game events, including seasonal celebrations and standard attendance events, which you should definitely consider participating in. They’re a great way to both challenge yourself and build up your supply of currency.

You’ll find a host of special events within the ‘Event’ tab on the main menu. These include randomised arenas, mirror matches, and even an incoming boss raid. In order to take part in any of them, you’ll first have to fork over a buy-in fee. This is typically a small number of diamonds, which isn’t ideal, but should you claim victory in an event, you’ll soon be swimming in rewards and glory. And be sure to keep an eye on the ‘Quest’ tab in the main menu, as this is where you can claim your daily and event quest rewards.

If you’re feeling sociable, Random Dice also features a clan system of sorts. You can create your very own crew, or join a pre-existing team, in order to chat and play together. This is a good option if you find yourself enjoying the game and need some help to obtain those elusive legendary dice.

And with that, we’ve come to the end of our Random Dice guide. By now, you should be well on your way to becoming a dice-summoning whizz. Be sure to download the game from your mobile store of choice and follow its official Twitter account to stay up to date on the latest Random Dice news. Thanks for reading, and best of luck in the arena!

Random Dice guide: tips, tricks, and cheats (2024)


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