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This guide touches upon a game that puts an interesting spin on the tower defense genre and that’s Random Dice: PvP Defense. 111%, the folks behind games such as Archer of God, Alchemy Knight, and Tower Breaker, bring their interestingly random tower defense title to the mobile gaming landscape in the form of Random Dice. While keeping most tower defense traditions such as players having to protect their base, Random Dice lives up to its name by having players cast their towers down completely in random locations, and with random types to boot.

The towers, which are actually dice, come in all behaviors and colors, and only those with the most powerful decks stand triumphant. Unfortunately for you, dear reader, many challenges pave the road to victory, especially if you’re starting out.

In the beginning, your deck will contain the miniscule and the insignificant, learning the ropes of the game may take you a while, and there is always the chance of you getting matched with someone far more prestigious than you (or someone quite dire in Co-Op Mode).

Fret not, for we, at Level Winner, have created this Random Dice guide specifically for players like you to (hopefully) be more successful at winning your matches. If you’ve just sunk your teeth into Random Dice: PvP Defense and you’re looking to improve your game experience and skill, take a look at our guide below!

1. Play Often, Fight Often

One of the best features that Random Dice has to offer is its main PvP mode. Most matches can be short and decisive, especially among beginners, and unlike most games in the market, it does not have a stamina system. The reason why we called this one of its best features is in its being a cruel and unforgiving teacher.

This is where most of your game will be spent. You will be fighting all kinds of opponents; some of them are reasonably matched to you while other times you may go head to head with a high-tier spender that owns all sorts of fancy and intimidating dice. This is all part of the learning since you will get to familiarize yourself with different types of dice early on and you’ll figure out whether or not you might have a chance at victory.

The PvP Mode also allows you the freedom to try out different approaches in your strategy. How this is done is through the observation of your deck’s performance, the way you merge your dice or upgrade them mid-match, or even how your opponent behaves. Many of these factors may put you at an edge if you’re caught in a bind. Depending on how you play, this mode will mold the way you play each step of the way.

There was something we mentioned in the last paragraph that you should consider…

2. Know When To Merge Or Upgrade Your Dice In A Match

This is one of the features unique to Random Dice. To tower defense connoisseurs, you would know when you should make your towers beefier; this could be when the waves of monsters become more and more fierce or when you’re pushing towards the end of each wave. Random Dice has two ways you can improve your dice.

The first and most simple way to improve a die is by merging them. Dice of the same dot count and type can be merged together unless certain circ*mstances allow different dice to merge (for example, the Mimic Dice allows itself to merge with other dice of the same dot count). There is a catch to this action, however.

While performing this is completely free of any resource (SP) expense, your newly merged dice may be of a completely random type. Merging dice together merely increases the rate of which they attack or execute their special abilities. Ergo, higher dot count means a faster die. Dice can reach a maximum of 7 dots which are marked with a single star in the center.

The second way is pretty vanilla compared to the first and this is where you simply improve the dice’s performance. At the bottom of the screen, your deck is displayed through five buttons. Each button upgrades the die presented and greatly improves what it can do (e.g. boost its attack power).

Unlike the first way of upgrading, this one costs SP and with each button press, the upgrade costs increase in increments of 100 SP. Doing this may help you when you’re in a bind since the stat boosts given to each dice per upgrade is pretty big.

If you’re feeling confident that you’re on a winning streak thanks to a good deck you might have or the strategies we’ve provided thus far, there is a way you can increase your winnings.

3. Burn Up Your Matches When You Can

Every now and then you will see a bright orange button above the PvP Match button in the main menu. This button will allow you to “burn” your match.

What this does is that upon victory (yes, victory and not defeat!) you will be given more points and rewards upon winning. This is an incentive for you to do your best in a duel as well as a great way to increase your rank in-game as well as earn lots of coins for your dice. Be warned that if you do suffer defeat, this feature does nothing for you.

Whenever that bright orange button appears, tap it right away and just hope that you might win your next encounter. Surely, if your deck has been *ahem* fully decked-out and you think you’ll destroy your opponent, there’s no reason to think twice about this decision. Do this for your dice and trust us, they will thank you later.

Speaking of which, here comes another fun way to upgrade your dice.

4. Use Up All Your Co-Op Mode Chances

Now, with a game that has “PvP” in its name, you’d think that almost all of it is about fighting other people from around the world and just spreading your salt, right? Well, if you’ve had enough of that, there’s always the choice to play Co-Op.

Random Dice has a Co-Op Mode where you will be paired up with another player of a random rank. Together, you will be pitted against wave upon wave upon wave of monstrous hordes. Your goal is to simply survive. Let one monster through the portal and it’s game over for you both! This is where you should bring your best dice to the forefront.

While you only get 5 chances to play this a day (it can be refilled by spending Gems), the Co-Op Mode grants you card points to fill the card chest. The card chest can be opened after obtaining a certain amount of points and will reward you with various shards of dice. Some of these could even be dice that you don’t own yet.

Your card point rewards increase every wave you clear and if you’re really successful at this mode, you might be able to open multiple card chests at once. This is where you should hope to find a player whose dice are much more powerful than yours and whose rank is way beyond what you can currently attain so they can carry you.

Upon successfully claiming your prizes and after expending all 5 chances to Co-Op Mode, this is where you should make careful decisions.

5. Selectively Upgrade Your Dice

This feature is the heart of your strength in battle.

Upgrading all of your dice all at once is great, but it’s better to upgrade the dice that you actually use a lot. The reason behind this is because the gold costs increase with each upgrade and so do the shard costs. If you have Dice Ores, you can use these to increase different dice depending on the rarity of the ore.

Any upgraded dice on your deck allows you to be a step ahead of your opponent. This is because giving them such upgrades will allow you to deploy them much stronger even if they’re still at their first dot. Piling onto their stats are the mid-match upgrades that we tackled earlier, so imagine how far you’d go if you kept on upgrading that one favorite die you use a lot.

Everyone has favorites and we know you’ll have some, too. This is where deck composition falls in.

6. Deck Composition Makes Most Of The Match

Like every other game out there that allows you to form teams of different heroes and characters, Random Dice has this, too.

Your deck is your personal, unique weapon against any rival you may encounter. How you play it is entirely up to you. Since you deploy your dice at random in this game, a well-thought out deck will definitely spare you from some losses. Below is a list of beginner-friendly dice that we think you would consider putting in your deck:

Arrow Dice

This dice, after attacking enemies 5 times, will unleash a powerful arrow at a random enemy dealing 500% its damage. As its dot count increases, its ability to do this will quicken. This is ideal for different kinds of situations and bosses.

Crack Dice

This pink dice, symbolized by a cracked shield, allows your other dice to inflict even greater damage after debuffing its targets. In short, this dice lowers the defense of all kinds of enemies and is generally useful overall. Its attack power is not that great, however.

Electric Dice

One of your basic dice, this dice excels in crowd control. Each shot it fires electrifies nearby enemies, whittling down a chunk of the enemy line as it advances. While the damage of the electric shock decreases with every other target hit Pair this up with the likes of the Laser Dice, and you’ll be clearing enemy waves in no time.

Ice Dice

A very useful dice from your basic deck. This dice has the power to slow the enemy down. This slow debuff’s strength increases the more it is inflicted. This will allow your other dice to pick off enemies that have become frostbitten. Best of all, this dice makes a great partner for the Speed Gun Dice since the latter deals increased damage based on an increase/decrease in the enemy’s speed.

Iron Dice

One of the best dice to use on bosses. The Iron Dice is a plain and simple dice: it hits hard and it hits bosses for twice the damage all the time. With each increased dot count, you’ll be able to take almost every boss down in the blink of an eye.

Laser Dice

Yet another dice that excels in crowd control. The Laser Dice is perfect for mowing all sorts of enemies down. Its high-damage laser sweeps through the enemy line, weeding out the weakened and searing the strong. Once again, this dice is greatly paired with the Electric Dice or any similar area-damage dice.

Lock Dice

A counterpart to the Ice Dice. Instead of slowing the enemy down, the Lock Dice keeps a target in place. If paired with the Iron Dice, you will be able to keep a boss from advancing so you can pelt it to death with double damage.

Mighty Wind Dice

One of the fastest dice in the game. The Mighty Wind Dice is a cyan-colored dice that shoots fairly fast already. However, when it turns a bright blue, its rate of fire increases exponentially, almost burying an enemy in a torrent of bullets. At 7 stars, you will only see a stream of blue bullets rapidly striking your enemies down.

Mine Dice

A support dice that can help you spawn more dice in the long run. The Mine Dice will mine for SP while your other dice fight off the enemy. At 1 dot, this dice may seem slow, but with every dot it has, its mining speed increases, granting you more and more SP as time goes by. This can be quite useful if you’re facing bosses that don’t summon enemies.

Random Growth Dice

A high-risk, high-reward dice. The Random Growth Dice can attack on its own, but that is not where it shines. Its special ability is that it can randomly change into a dice on your deck of a random dot count. If you’re extremely lucky, you’ll spawn one of your dice with 7 dots immediately, thus granting you a huge advantage against your opponent. Its transformation process will be slow at 1 dot, so merging this dice if it spawns too late might be ideal.

Your dice are the main players of your matches, but don’t forget to also try different boards. These boards offer buffs as you use them. For instance, the plain board offers the user a 2% attack boost. If you find any new boards, give them a try!

There are hundreds upon hundreds of ways you can make your deck, but there are only a few enemy types that stand in your way. Knowing how to tackle them is half the battle.

7. Know Your Enemy

Every tower defense has a boss that bulldozes through your defenses and Random Dice is no exception. Before each round starts in a PvP match, you will be greeted with a boss roulette. Where it stops will dictate what boss you will face (with their own theme song, too!). It also gives you time to prepare yourself for the big fight. In Co-Op Mode, you will fight them all in the order we listed them in this article.

Each boss you encounter behaves quite differently and we will show you what exactly separates them from each other:


This is the first boss that every player of Random Dice encounters. This sinister serpent spawns a tail of random enemies behind it as it progresses. It’s the simplest one to battle.


An annoying boss and a challenging one if you are unprepared. This mask-faced demon locks your dice so they cannot attack it and will continue doing this the farther it travels down the line. To conquer this, you must first have a full board of dice. With that, you will whittle down its HP slowly but surely. Oh, and it’s pictured above.

Random Knight

A rather troublesome boss. The Knight will shuffle all of the dice on your board. While their dot counts remain the same, all of their types will change. Sometimes, your damage output will be for the better, otherwise, it could be worse. As it travels down the line, it will continue swapping dice types on your board and upon defeating it, your dice types will remain as they were the last time they were shuffled. Bah!


This boss is quite special. It has the ability to completely destroy any targeted dice on your board with a meteor. This can be mitigated if you have the Switch Dice on your deck and swap out the targeted dice. Aside from that, it can also heal itself after casting the meteor on you. High, constant damage is key here.


A stubborn, unbridled boss. This lion beast roars and downgrades a random selection of dice deployed on your board. If these dice have a dot count of 1, they are removed instead. As it travels down the line, it also has the charge ability where nothing will slow it down. Taking this boss down quickly will save you the trouble of getting hit.


Possibly the most annoying boss of all. This technological nightmare can randomly hack two dice on your board. The hacked dice will appear glitchy, shifting with a colored haze as they remain on the board. These dice, instead of dealing damage, will heal the boss. If you manage to defeat this boss with these dice on your board, they will remain hacked and will continue to heal any enemy they fire at. Swapping out your hacked dice should remove the glitch effect at the likely cost of their type.


The slippery, gooey Slime boss is an exciting one. After whittling its HP to 0, it will split into multiple other Slimes. This means highly powerful area-damage dice are the key to defeating this boss. If you have any on your deck as this boss appears, you should be fine. Either way, there’s always the option of quickly taking out each slimeling as it appears before it reaches your portal.


The final and most dangerous boss of all (as of this update, anyway). This repulsive reptile has a penchant for calling for help. In other words, it summons a random boss to its side as it makes its way through your defenses. Having it tag team with any of the different bosses will make for your most intense boss battle yet, so be prepared for anything!

Bosses will definitely leave you sore especially if you lose to them. If you still can’t seem to overcome any of these, try out the next bullet.

8. Participate In Events

What good is any online multiplayer game without events? They keep the community together and they give players a goal to strive for every time.

Random Dice’s events are no different. They have tons of freebies and rewards given to players who participate in them. For instance, some events may involve you having to deploy a specific type of dice that the game only gives you for the duration of that event (in the screenshot above, we attended the Gift Dice Event).

Participating however you can in an event will earn you points and with these points, you will be able to redeem various rewards such as chests. These chests may contain newer dice, much similar to the card chest that you get from Co-Op. Unlike the card chest, however, these chests usually contain higher tiered dice thus granting you the chance to even net a Legendary-grade dice that your peers do not yet have.

9. Try Out The Other Modes

Random Dice offers a wide range of various different modes, too, if the vanilla ones aren’t up to your speed. Here are a few examples:

One mode familiar to many tower defense players is the Solo Mode where it’s just you, the board, and the horde of enemies. After every three rounds in Solo Mode, you are given a choice to swap out any dice you have for a dice you do not own outside of this mode. Keep in mind that you don’t get to keep these.

PvP not good enough for you? Try out the Random Arena. Unlike the vanilla PvP mode, Random Arena offers you three chances. Lose at all three and you’re done with the game. As you keep up your winning streak, you will be showered with more and more rewards. The best part about this is that all of the dice that are available here are all at Class 7 and you get to wield dice that you don’t even own.

Ever wonder what it’d be like to fight an opponent who has the same deck as you? That’s what the Mirror Match is for. Both players start with the same deck and all dice are at Class 7. Think you can outsmart your opponent and beat them at their own game? Don’t blink, it could be over in a minute.

At the end of it all, this game is still completely random and the best way to understand it is through experimentation.

10. Experiment, Experiment, Experiment

With all these combinations, chances of almost being completely betrayed by your own deck, or even scoring narrow victories, Random Dice: PvP Defense reigns in the joy of its players experimenting.

With each deck you create and with each victory or loss you receive, you’ll notice that you’ll begin to understand how each die behaves and how some of your opponents think. Sometimes it might be wiser to invest in the upgrading of your Random Growth Dice rather than increasing the dot counts of your Iron Dice in a fight. Or perhaps that one die you do not use is actually the most powerful die you are ever to wield. As contradictory as that last statement sounds, fortune favors the bold, especially in this game.

There will always be room for experimentation and you will have highs and lows for every match you complete. Dust your board off and pick your dice, the battle never ends in Random Dice: PvP Defense.

Got anything to point out in our Random Dice guide or do you have more advice to give your fellow dicers? Roll them out in the comment section below!

Random Dice Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Improve Your Deck and Dominate Your Opponents - Level Winner (2024)


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