Types of Clownfish - Fish Guides for Clown Fish Species (2024)

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Nowadays, having an aquarium as the part of house decoration becomes the popular hobby found. The reef aquarium can make another artistic decoration of the room while some people also said that it brings the positive aura into the house. People can have a different choice about the type of fish that can be put into their reef tank. One of the common types of saltwater fish chosen by people is the Clownfish. When you like to have this species of fish, you also have more options to be chosen since there are so many types of clownfish in the world.

The reef aquarium can be placed inside your house also can be considered based on some measures. At first, you can choose between the large, small or medium size of your aquarium. The common design of the aquarium is the rectangular shape. Nevertheless, sometimes you also can find it in round shape especially for keeping the small fish. If you want to have the perfect house for your clownfish, you consider the large size.

As you know, the Clownfish is also called an Anemonefish is a type of fish that lives in the saltwater habitats. Clownfish is one ofthe small saltwater fish. The colors are usually very bright, orange fish that has three white lines, one at the head, middle and also at the tail. The combination of the colors that they have made it a beautiful fish and very popular among hobbyists. If you look really closely, you may see that they have a thin black line around the white lines and on the tips of their fins.

Depending on species, Clownfish or anemonefish are overall yellows, orange, or reddish or blackish color, and many show white bars or patches. But there are only three commonest types of Clownfish that are very likable and very popular that we often see amongst aquarium hobbyists.

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The most common types of Clownfish

Percula Complex

The Percula Complex has two common fishes chosen by people. The first type is the Percula Clownfish. This fish offers a beautiful appearance through its combination of orange, white and black color. The color combination makes the possibility of showing the most beautiful appearance especially when that is combined with certain aquarium decoration. This one actually becomes the most popular genus of clownfish not only because of its beauty but also because of its easiness to be found.

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The second type of this genus is the Ocellaris clownfish. This fish also has a nickname that is the False Percula Clownfish. In general, it has the similarity with the appearance of the earlier one. However, it has its specialness relating to the combination of orange and white color. The fish commonly has the dominant orange color combined with three white bands in three spots including its center body. That makes the whole appearance of the fish becomes more beautiful than the other ones.

Maroon Complex

Different from the Percula Complex, the Maroon Complex type is more popular because of its dimension also of its beauty. Although, that does not mean this fish is not beauty since it also offers the unique combination between maroon color and commonly white color band. There is the touch of yellow color found in the middle of its bands. The stripe may be found in three spots. The fish actually is classified as the large fish. That makes the possibility of the fish to be one interesting fishes among some of the types of clownfish located especially in the large aquarium.

Then, the other type of this fish to be included into the variations of clownfish is the kind of gold maroon stripe clownfish. Similar to the earlier one, this fish also has the large body dimension. Some people assume that this one is more interesting especially because of the touch of gold color in its pattern. The dominant maroon color found on its body surface is combined with three bands color with gold color instead of white color. That makes the more beautiful appearance of the fish than if it is only decorated with white color.

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Clarkii Complex Types

Among some other types of clownfish, this type is the genus that has so many variations. The variations include until 11 varieties and all of them commonly popular to be chosen by the hobbyist who has the hobby of including aquarium into their house decoration. However, among those 11 classes, there are the most popular ones to be mentioned. The first one is the type of Clark clownfish. This one is familiar through its combination between yellow, black, and white bands found on its body. The combination makes the soft appearance of the color to be used as the beautiful fish inside your aquarium.

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The next is popular but at the same time also is the rare one to be found. The fish is the allard clownfish. Different from the earlier one that has the dominant yellow color on its body, this one has dominant black color. That makes the whole appearance of the fish becomes more elegant too while at the same time it still contains its soft characteristic. People commonly like to place it in the small aquarium. Since this fish is the rare one, when you want to have this fish, you must prepare a lot of your budgets.

Two other kinds of the fishes that are included in this family are the two baranemone fish and the three bands fish. The first one is more familiar to be called as the red sea fish and it is popular because of its unique black spot on its skin. The next is popular because of its beauty golden yellow and black variation found on its skin. The fish also is popular because of its dimension that is relatively larger than other kinds of fishes from this family.

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Some Other Types of Clownfish

Besides of the species of clownfish mentioned above, there are also some other types of the fishes that can be said as the famous ones for being chosen to be placed inside your saltwater aquarium. The first one to be mentioned is the Saddleback complex type. This one is interesting especially because of its common handsome appearance. The fish from this genus that is often chosen by people is the kind of saddleback anemonefish. You can find this fish in the form of combination between black and white colors or between white color and black red color. Nevertheless, the latter is the rare case found.

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The other type of fish that is also popular to be included into the types of clownfish is the kind of tomato complex. The one to be mentioned from this kind is the type of tomato clownfish. As it gets its name, the dominant color for the cat is similar into the mature tomato. One pattern that becomes its special offering for its beauty is the appearance of a white band color found below its eyes. That makes the whole appearance of the fish is really good looking. Based on that reason, this one also becomes one of the most popular clownfish chosen by people nowadays.

Types of Clownfish - Fish Guides for Clown Fish Species (2024)


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